Velas is extremely proud to announce our alignment with Solana, allowing Velas to leverage one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the industry and add EVM support throughout

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Today Velas is proud to announce a building-on of the Solana codebase resulting in one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the industry, Velas has now added support for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Velas is going open source moving forwards.

Velas will expand upon the Solana codebase in order to obtain and leverage one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the entire crypto industry, far exceeding previous framework speeds and those of competitors, while furthering the visions and aspirations of the Velas journey further.

Ethereum Virtual Machine will be supported on Velas as a development by the Velas team on top of the Solana codebase, allowing Ethereum DApps to run on the Velas Blockchain — now Ethereum developers can run their apps faster thanks to the advancements made under this Velas blockchain improvement. …

How we are upgrading the Velas chain to move seamlessly and in an interoperable way to navigate in a fast evolving industry

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The blockchain industry is actively developing and gaining pace. Over the past 3–5 years, many unique project architectures and systems have been developed on the blockchain, with more arriving by the week. They are all globally created for similar purposes, but implementation can vary significantly between them.

Today, many different communities are developing different blockchain systems. Take, for example, these industry leaders:

  • Solana
  • Cosmos
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum 2.0
  • EOS

All of these different technologies are sufficiently different from each other, but still have many common components:

  1. P2P communication layer
  2. DPOS Consensus
  3. Block / transaction processing and validation unit
  4. Smart Contracts

Nevertheless, despite the similar architecture of these components, each of these blockchains today…

Through the Velas Network users gain access to decentralized services, delegating the security of his passwords, keys or seed-phrases to segmentation algorithms and validators that are interested in data security. Most important, this information will be distributed over the network and not available to any of its participants.

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An account creation is not the only action users are often faced with, but also saving the generated seed-phrase, and reentering this for security validation. It is in the user’s interest from a technical standpoint, as wallet data can be restored only with a unique and secure seed-phrase and its loss means losing the assets forever. Your seed-phrase are your crypto — lose it, lost your crypto.

Users are, therefore, fully responsible for ensuring the security of their digital assets in addition to owning and operating assets individually. …

We are considering an opportunity to develop a more functional client ‘Telegram’, with enhanced features that demonstrate the benefits of using blockchain technology.

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Internet evolution brought user data mostly into the hands of several huge internet corporations, and the concept of Tim O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 was gaining a foothold, declaring that systems designed with account network interactions become better the more people using them. Proof of this concept in action are the major Social Networks, uniting billions of users and storing hundreds of petabytes of data.

Few people think that if the service is free (whether it’s a search engine, video platform, mail, etc.), the main product is the user themselves, and privacy is no longer owned by him. Services collect information about each and every user, monetizing it as advertising for the highest bidder. …

The Velas token (VLX) will soon be added as a mode of payment on the Travala platform, allowing users to pay for travel, accommodation and more.

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Velas is incredibly excited to announce a partnership with Travala, allowing its users to purchase travel, accommodation and much more directly with the $VLX token.

We’re excited to announce a significant new partnership with the popular cryptocurrency-friendly online travel booking platform Travala in line with our promotion for the enhanced widespread adoption and use of our Velas token (VLX).

Since our launch in 2019, Velas has been widely billed as a potential major competitor to Bitcoin and Ethereum thanks to our unique artifical intelligence-powered blockchain architecture, which allows our platform to utilize AI to enable massive scaling and robust security, while maximising on overall efficiency.

This incredible partnership with Travala comes just in time for our upcoming Velas 3.0 release, completely adapting the way Velas operates to become one of the true crypto superpowers for the 21st century and beyond. This is just a small step in showing how Velas and the Velas ecosystem, powered by our VLX token, can be adopted and utilized by the mainstream with a highly positive impact. …

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Greetings Fellow Velonians,

September was a month full of hard work and planning. We are currently upgrading everything under the hood of the Velas blockchain. We can’t wait to reveal all the new amazing updates we have coming, as every aspect of Velas is getting an upgrade. So with that, let’s dive into this past month’s ecosystem report.


We are happy to announce that we have been listed as one of the Top 50 organizations in the sector „…“ of the “CV VC Top 50” report, created by CV VC AG in collaboration with its technology partners inacta and PwC.

The CV VC Top 50 is a periodical Report on market valuation developments from Crypto Valley, which includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The report highlights the diverse blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem which consists of startups, corporations, and government entities.

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Greetings Velonians,

With 2020 more than halfway done, we can honestly say that we are proud of all the things we accomplished as well as staying on track with our roadmap. We want to thank every supporter of the Velas community for sticking with us during these new and unusual times the world is facing. We have so much to cover for the month of August so let’s get right into it.

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Hello Velonians!

Welcome back to another Velas Ecosystem Report where we’ll recap the month of July and what’s to come in the second half of the year.

If you haven’t done so already, come join us in any of our communities on Telegram to be the first to hear about any and all updates on all things Velas!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it!

Taui gives a quick recap of the previous month

We’ve made massive improvements to Velas blockchain, effectively reaching all of our roadmap targets to date. While we’re proud of where we’ve come, innovation takes time. …


Velas Official

Velas is Artificial Intuition-operated DPoS Blockchain and Ecosystem for secure, interoperable, extremely scalable transactions. Visit:

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