Velas Account Beta Test Has Been Announced!

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4 min readDec 20, 2022


Dear friends, the Velas Team is pleased to announce the availability of Velas Account Beta test!

Nowadays, there are various ways to authorize in blockchain applications and services, such as wallets and browser extensions, as well as the traditional, well-known email+password. To engage safely with web 3.0 applications, all of them necessitate several activities and some technical understanding on the part of the user.

Aside from our keen interest in blockchain technology and advancements, we recognize the significance of user experience. We understand the complexity and nuances that users collide, as well as the risks associated with their mistakes in a decentralized society.

Therefore, we decided to remove this bottleneck between blockchain technology and users by providing the same level of familiarity and comfort of authorization as traditional services. No more passwords, seed phrases, extensions or apps, all the technical information remains under the hood with full control for the user.

What is Velas Account?

Velas Account is a passwordless and decentralized authorization solution that aims to break borders of entry to Web 3.0. Projects will be able to increase their conversion rates, user experience, and accessibility for users who are not intimately familiar with the technology.

Velas Account is based on the idea of account abstraction, which transforms the established approach to blockchain accounts into a new paradigm where accounts become smart contracts with their own logic and interface.

This has allowed us to create a highly flexible and secure solution with programmable conditions that significantly improves user interaction with Web3.0 and expands development capabilities for developers.

Since the technical and complex points are hidden behind a user-friendly interface, users don’t have to worry about passwords and seed phrases from the first minutes of authorization. In addition, there is no need to install additional software, applications or extensions, which shortens the process of entering the project.

Built-in cryptocurrency wallet and automatic transaction signing allow users to make payments without bothering about multiple confirmations and signing. Flexible permissions settings and a detailed session history allow customizing interaction with the services, based on user’s individual interests and needs.

On the other hand, developers can support users’ transactions as well, allowing them to interact with their project from the first minutes, rather than directing conversions to third-party services for deposit or authorization.

After all, Velas Account is not just only authorization, it’s a new vision of the user experience in a decentralized world.

Velas Account Beta Test

So, after a lengthy development time, we are delighted to invite projects and developers to Velas Account Beta Test.

Since our solution is not only for users, but also for developers, we’d like to keep up with you and get live feedback.

In addition, we already have our first working cases of Velas Account integration with Vulos and Cryptobrewmaster projects that have joined us as early adopters, and we are in close communication with the development teams.

How to participate?

To join the beta test, please fill out the short form, that allows us to add you to the testing channels and improve our communication.

Below you will find a detailed video tutorial on integrating Velas Account into the project prepared by our developers. All the integration process has been shortened and optimized to make it less time-consuming.

You may face some issues or difficulties because this is a beta version. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any concerns you have during testing.

More information about Velas Account is available in the documentation, and you can find detailed examples of Velas Account integration on our github.

We are keeping track of common problems at .

We appreciate your feedback and would be honored if you join us in our effort to make blockchain solutions more accessible and mainstream!



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