Velas Account: Web3 Authentication Made One-Click

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4 min readDec 12, 2022


Meet the innovative authentication method for Web3 solutions

Today is a special day for the Velas team. After a long period of development, we are finally happy to present our new solution — Velas Account!

This is a new approach in the world of authorization and interaction with Web3.0.

But before we discuss all the details of the project, we have one question for you. Have you ever wondered what authorization in blockchain services looks like?

Actually, after a date with the beautiful project’s landing page, users wishing to join it often face a multistep authorization form reminiscent of the Tarpeian Rock (from which, according to legend, the Spartans threw off the sick and infirm).

Let’s imagine that you want to enjoy an evening playing a new crypto game. The path from the landing page to the game would look something like this:

And since the project is created on blockchain, sometimes even authorization can require paying network fees. And we haven’t even gotten to the game yet.

No doubt, you have to be really firm in your desire to get into this particular project.

Once you do get into the game, yet another nuance arises. Any gameplay you initiate is often written to the blockchain, which means it has to be signed and approved by you to send the data. This is a case where signing and approving transactions can take up to 50% of your game time + network fees.

At this point, even the most tenacious gamers get butthurt. (😜)

If you are a developer, and you have the data of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and the conversion rate of your project, you can understand how the budgets are formed to promote it.

What does Velas Account have to do with it?

Since we are not only developers but also active participants in the formation of Web 3.0, we see that projects, and blockchain technology in general, are still far from the user. Mostly, due to the low focus on the user experience.

In addition, there are already many traditional, familiar alternatives that are simpler than dealing with these innovations.

Velas Account is designed to solve all the above-mentioned problems, as a tool for the complex interaction of clients and services in a decentralized system.

What is a Velas Account?

Velas Account is a decentralized solution for authorization and interaction with blockchain services designed to remove entry barriers, leaving all the technical details under the hood.

With this solution, users can get rid of the tedious sign-in process associated with passwords, seed phrases, and installing third-party extensions or applications, which directly affects conversion rates and improves the user experience while interacting with the service.

Key advantages

With Velas Account, user authorization takes seconds. Our system works as a stand-alone web platform, so there’s no need for third-party software anymore. On top of that, users don’t have to waste time saving passwords and seed phrases, all these processes are protected and organized in such a way that the user can decide when to come back to it.

Flexible settings for permissions and sessions allow you to control interactions with applications, and cross-cutting transactions help you avoid multiple confirmations and signings.

In addition, Velas Account does not collect or store personal data, maintaining the principles of decentralization and anonymity. For more comfort and security, you can easily create multiple accounts separately for each service.

Integration of Velas Account with the project is highly optimized and simplified for developers. P2E games can finally do the main thing — entertain, instead of forcing users to deal with a bunch of complex terms and interfaces.

Even more, developers have the power to sponsor their users’ transactions, allowing them to immerse themselves in the project from the first minute, rather than being distracted by third-party services for depositing or transferring funds.

And since Velas is a fast EVM network with almost zero commissions, the whole process is fast and seamless.


Velas Account has accumulated solutions to the major issues and complications that hinder the market growth of decentralized services and applications. Despite all the innovations of blockchain technology, it is still quite challenging, with its own risks and specifics.

But in our team, we hold the view that not the user has to adapt to the technology, but the technology has to evolve to the level that will make it mainstream. This is the direction in which we continue to work.

We welcome your questions, ideas, and feedback!

To learn more about Velas Account — click here

Velas Account documentation — click here



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