What Is Layer 1 Blockchain and How Do Such Solutions Work?

How Does Scalability of Blockchain Projects Work?

Layer 1 Blockchain: How to Explain This Concept?

What is a Layer 1 Blockchain?

What Is a Layer 2 Blockchain?

What is the difference between Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain Solutions?

Main Peculiarities of Layer One Blockchain Solutions

Consensus Protocol


Benefits of Layer One Blockchain Solutions

The Best Layer 1 Blockchains: Our Top-3


  • Capacity — 50,000+ TPS;
  • Transaction finality — 1.2 seconds;
  • Transaction fee > $ 0.00001.


  • Capacity — up to 4500+ TPS;
  • EVM compatible;
  • A large number of validators (more than 1300).


  • The system can process more than 1,000 TPS;
  • Each parachain is a full-fledged blockchain;
  • 900 million tokens (DOT).

Bottom Line



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