VelasPad Ambassador Program

Good day, Velonians!

We hope that everyone is enjoying the massive movements made throughout this emerging crypto trend recently. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Velas is collaborating with VelasPad to run an exciting contest open to all of our amazing community members.

What’s the contest? The task is pretty simple, but the prize is promising. Without further ado, let’s get started!

We are running an Ambassador Program where community members are expected to change their Display Picture to the image of the VelasPad Telegram display picture, and add ‘VelasPad’ to their name. (Example: John |VelasPad)

When is this program running?

The program will start on Thursday, September 16th @8pm UTC and run until September 30th @8pm UTC.

How do I ensure that I am entered in the draw?

We have made it simple for you:

1. Fill out the form:

2. Join the Velas Telegram group:

3. Become active in discussions within the Velas Group on Telegram

What’s the Prize?

25 lucky winners will be randomly selected and receive $100 VLX as a prize. All participants MUST keep the name & DP until the contest is concluded (September 30th @8pm UTC). (Active participants in the Velas group have greater chances of winning)

We are eager to welcome our new VelasPad Ambassadors, so join the contest and complete the tasks — best of luck!



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