Velas-Powered by SpaceChain is Scaling — Extra-Terrestrial Blockchain is Going to the ISS

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3 min readOct 20, 2022

Joining forces with SpaceChain, Velas managed to launch its first successful blockchain transaction in space, but the project is about to move further across the Milky Way.

Focusing our efforts ever so passionately, with a trembling sense of discovery and innovation, the team at Velas continues to work on pushing the boundaries of decentralization literally out of this world. The successful transaction conducted on the satellite with the powers of a joint Velas-SpaceChain solution was a defining milestone in our career. And to see it move further makes us happy and extremely anxious at the same time.

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When we launched the Velas network in outer space, we showed that the availability and coverage of decentralized solutions can be taken to an entirely new level, with the fastest EVM chain successfully operating beyond the Earth’s bounds. A blockchain network operating from above the planet opens prospects for crypto enthusiasts, eager dApp developers, and regular Internet users alike.

Transaction ubiquity as the ultimate goal

Our ultimate goal is to streamline crypto transactions into an utterly simple and immediate task that any smartphone owner may initiate wherever, whenever, even at low web connection speeds. At the same time, software engineers and people shaping the blockchain industry of today are to get the single most resilient and accessible foundation for their creations.

And, today, we are delighted to see how we have moved yet another step closer to reaching our aspirations.

The big announcement is that the space-bound Velas-SpaceChain solution is to be installed on the International Space Station (ISS) for continued adoption and further development. We can happily report that the ISS Program has approved the node to launch and operate on the ISS. It has passed all safety and security requirements and is manifested to launch on SpX-26.

Expect the soonest launch

The NASA ISS Safety Panel has evaluated the payload and its operations to allow it to run on the ISS.

Velas SpaceChain ISS program is set to launch in November 2022. With that implementation, we are one step closer to perfecting the blockchain of tomorrow, and bringing it ever closer to reality. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.



Velas Official

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