By the Middle of Autumn 2022, Velas Pleased Users with Regular Product Updates

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3 min readSep 9, 2022

To meet the highest expectations of the users, the Velas blockchain is constantly evolving and improving. By the middle of autumn 2022, the Velas development team will present another batch of updates that you won’t be able to ignore. They have not been officially presented yet, but are already being intensively prepared for release.

Velas Updates — Autumn 2022

Velas Website

A huge update of the Velas website is coming. A lot of improvements you will feel from the first touch: a new design, as well as a bunch of new features and opportunities. If you liked the Velas website before, be sure — it will be even cooler!


The Velas wallet is also prepared for the exciting launch of update.

In the mobile version, developers have already added statuses to transactions (pending, rejected, confirmed), corrected APR calculation in staking, as well as extended app protection (if the app remains minimized for some time, now users need to log in again).

In the web version, they also provided the ability to copy the staking account address on the details page in Staking 1.0 and fixed the issue with the ‘use max’ feature which didn’t work properly in some cases.

And finally, in the desktop version, the Velas team added a Linux app to the snap store (now the app can be installed in one command from the terminal).

Very soon all these updates will be available to the general public.

Velas Blockchain

What can be said about the Velas blockchain? What should end users be prepared for?

The Velas blockchain pulled features from Solana v1.9. Velas build v0.6.0 will give the users such benefits:

  • improved stability;
  • eliminating vulnerabilities;
  • support for the QUIC protocol from Google;
  • possibility of QoS transaction management and Fee Market implementation.

Now the Velas team is also testing a new instruction format for the EVM program, with serialization, which will allow subsidizing EVM fee from native in more flexible way for developers.

All these updates will make the Velas account more flexible and give the opportunity to fully sponsor transactions in some dApps use cases that need it.

Also, the developers set the stage to forward compatibility, starting work on a new EVM instruction that is much easier to add in future releases, minimizes EVM transactions, and makes it easier to integrate new clients written in other programming languages.

Velas Account

One of the most anticipated events is the launch of the Velas Account update, which will provide users with a new way of trusted authentication to the Web 3.0 ecosystem, without complex passwords, time-consuming authorization, and need to connect with electronic wallets. Thanks to this, they will be able to perform cryptocurrency transactions in one click.

From the technical point of view, we will see soon the next improvements:

  • Velas Account landing (in Beta version);
  • ethers.js support as httpProvider;
  • authorization flow for mobile devices;
  • refined UX/UI for Velas Account Web;
  • enriched transaction history (in the mobile version);
  • new functionality for commission sponsorship for EVM transactions.

Together, all these updates will provide a better user experience and ensure a more comfortable and reliable environment for working within this blockchain. The official public beta release of Velas Account is coming soon.

Try Out New Velas Interface!

Are you impressed with the updates? So, hurry up to test the new features of the Velas Blockchain in the middle of the autumn 2022!



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