Velas joins forces with Occam DAO


What Is Occam?

  • OccamRazer — a next-generation protocol developed for multi-chain decentralized fundraising;
  • OccamX — The leading DEX on Milkomeda C1, and its primary liquidity engine. Running as a separate and distinct DAO, OccamX provides world-class trading for Cardano and Milkomeda users with access to strong trading options and multi-chain tokens;
  • OccamDAO — overarching incubation, community and governance layer. The Occam DAO provides early stage projects with the assistance they require to succeed, in all possible forms.

Why Occam?


“We’re excited to form a strategic partnership with the Velas team, deploying our incubation services to the projects that are and will be launched on the network. Together we can help expand the Velas ecosystem and DeFi as a whole with quality projects.” @Occam DAO`s core contributor, Michael


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