Velas is the official Protocol Partner of the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon

Velas is proud to be named as the official Protocol Partner of the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon, the largest of its kind in the country. Alongside the partnership, three core members of team Velas are seated on the voting jury.

Speaking of the partnership, Velas COO Shirly Valge said: “We’re extremely proud to be the official Protocol Partner of biggest Swiss blockchain hackathon, as well as honored to be a part of the jury.

“Velas’ values of progression and technological advancement deeply align with the values pushed forwards in hackathons, so we’re all intrigued to see what the next generation of innovators will bring to the table.”

Why you should register

  • Hack with Java, Rust, Solidity, C, C++
  • More than CHF 350,000 in awards (with more to be announced soon…)
  • Access to blockchain protocols with over $6.5 billion market captialization
  • Meet like-minded hackers and have fun in the process
  • Easiest way to fund startup ideas with grants
  • Job opportunities: there are already 5000+ blockchain jobs across Switzerland

At the end of October, the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon will take place simultaneously at the Ambassador House in Zurich, at SUPSI in Lugano, at the University of Geneva and online.

Roughly 500 hackers are expected to take on the given challenges in teams and search for blockchain-based solutions. After around 60 hours, the participants will present their solutions, and a jury — including three core Velas team members — will select the winners in the respective categories.

For the first time, renowned blockchain protocols such as Velas, Streamr, and Algorand will come together with corporates and developers to transfer decentralized technologies to tangible applications and business models.

Zurich, 26 August 2021 — The Swiss Blockchain Hackathon will take place from 29 to 31 October 2021 and will be held as part of the NTN Innovation Booster — Blockchain Nation Switzerland. The multi-year funding programme was initiated by the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion (Innosuisse). Together with the consortium partner Trust Square, the hackathon will be organised simultaneously at various locations in Switzerland.

The organisers have chosen a hybrid format for the hackathon and have put the quality of the challenges and developers first. Around 500 developers and innovators from Switzerland and abroad are expected both on and offline to work on various tasks and compete for hotly contested prizes. The goal is to have developed working prototypes that offer solutions to real challenges after about 60 hours. The specific tasks will be published in the coming weeks.

The leading blockchain protocols Velas, Velas, and Algorand, the licensed SEBA Bank with core competence in the area of digital assets and Bitcoin Suisse, the Swiss market leader in crypto-finance services, support the second edition of the largest Swiss Blockchain Hackathon. Blockchain protocols provide developers with access to their platforms and corporate partners define industry-specific Vertical Challenges. This way, the suitable applications can be constructed on the right platform.

Over CHF 100,000 in cash and non-cash prizes as well as paid-out tokens await as a reward. In addition, the corporate acceleration phase of the NTN Innovation Booster will start afterward, in which the most promising ideas will be included.

This year’s Swiss Blockchain Hackathon aims to transfer the enthusiasm for decentralized technologies and the outstanding knowledge within the Swiss blockchain community to tangible applications and business models for various industries. On the one hand, this will promote a sustainable technology ecosystem and, on the other, further strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading location for research and development in blockchain.

Trust Square co-founder Marc Degen is convinced: “The Swiss Blockchain Hackathon advances the application and acceptance of blockchain technology, not least by hacking feasible solutions for real issues within a very short time. This helps Switzerland to expand its pioneering role in the adaptation of new technologies. We are proud of the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon — the last one was great fun, and we are looking forward to the second round.

To join the Swiss Blockchain hackathon, register by the 15 October 2021 HERE.



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