Buy $VLX with Debit & Credit Cards via Velas Wallet and Simplex

Velas is proud to announce that we have made an agreement with Simplex. From now, the Velas blockchain users will be able to buy tokens using Simplex payment gateway fiat facilities.

“This is another big leap in the development of our project and the Velas ecosystem in general. This cooperation makes two worlds, one of crypto and one of the fiat currencies, to be even closer.” — said Farhad Shagulyamov, CEO at Velas.

Simplex is known for its successful partnerships with famous niche players like Binance. Changelly, BitPay, and others. This integration will provide Velas Wallet users (both developers and customers) to directly buy cryptocurrency (VLX token or any Velas-based projects’ tokens) via credit and debit cards.

About Simplex

The company was founded in 2014. Simplex’s CEO, Nimrod Levahi is not new to the world of electronic payment systems. Together with two other co-founders, they were employees in PayPal, a famous US-based electronic payment system.

Simplex main idea is to provide customers with the easiest way to purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards. Nowadays, this company partners with various cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces to allow them to legally accept credit and debit cards. As of late 2021, Simplex employs 100+ professionals in various fields including software engineering, finance, marketing, etc.

Velas background

The Velas blockchain was designed to solve all those bottlenecks that most modern distributed ledgers have. The project’s main idea is to make distributed ledger as applicable as it is possible by adding speed and decreasing fees. With its 75,000 TPS and $0.00001 transaction fee, Velas is a true leader of the whole industry.

Velas is one of the fastest-growing distributed ledgers in the industry with its constantly expanding ecosystem. The project’s administration has recently launched a $100 million grant program that is likely to stimulate both teams and single software developers to contribute to the further development of the Velas facilities.

Start purchasing $VLX tokens using the Velas Wallet 👉




Build Your dApps and Projects with Fastest EVM Chain Powered by Velas 🧑‍💻 Visit:

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Velas Official

Velas Official

Build Your dApps and Projects with Fastest EVM Chain Powered by Velas 🧑‍💻 Visit:

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