Velas Introduces Velas Army, a Social Hub for the Velas Community

Velas Army — allowing users to communicate, have fun, learn, and stay tuned

Velas is proud to introduce you to Velas Army, a recently launched social hub where all members of our community can have fun, learn, find out about our new updates, and participate in activities designed to help the Velas ecosystem grow and develop.

Velas Army is designed with features that will help mobilize the community in a fun and engaging way.

A faucet available on Velas Army directs users to share a specific Tweet to receive a small amount of VRC-20 Velas tokens. This will help newcomers who are looking to test the speed and low-cost transactions of Velas, onboarding process, and it will help our partners’ promotions as they can have their Tweets included in the faucet module.

Successful completion of daily tasks will allow users to earn Chain Fragments, using the website’s off-chain point system, which can later be used as game credits within the Games Arcade. The website does not require a sign-up and allows users to access the platform through their digital wallet signature.

Velas Army contains a directory for Velas ecosystem projects where users will see information about Velas ecosystem tokens, DEXs, and services that will allow them to add contracts from a trusted source, check current prices, learn about the latest team updates, and much more.

Velas Army News Hub pulls related information from a variety of Velas news sources that will allow users to follow the latest crypto news.

“Our mission is to give Velas users an interactive hub where they can discover the growing array of decentralized applications, services, and creative projects on this cutting-edge blockchain. This partnership is a huge step for us as it opens up a whole new world of benefits to our users and brings exposure to projects that wish to expand on the Velas ecosystem.” — Velas CEO, Farkhad Shagulyamov.

Users will also enjoy plenty of giveaways and competitions integrated into the AMA hub, and the option to submit questions before and during the live events. This will also allow for a great deal of transparency during the winner selection process.

Velas Army has a growing social media community on Telegram and on Twitter that is used to promote events, announce news, and engage with our followers.



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