Velas Flashlight #30 — Ambassador Program, Community Giveaways and Exciting New AMA Sessions

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4 min readAug 5, 2022

The 30th edition of everything that has happened with Velas over these past few weeks!

What is Velas FlashLight?

It’s all in the name — Velas FlashLight is the latest and greatest news behind Velas across the globe broken down into fast, digestible bites to highlight the hard work the Velas team has delivered in the past few weeks.

Velas FlashLight is a bi-weekly roundup of Velas in the news and across social media. From videos and mentions by your favorite YouTube and Twitter influencers to waves Velas is making in traditional media and articles, all in one place.

Velas Ambassador Program

Become a Velonian and get a lot of goodies, perks, and rewards for your activity. More information on how to take part and become a Velas ambassador by the link below.

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Velas Giveaway — a major Velas contest with a prize pool of 10,000 $VLX

After the success of the first Giveaway, we decided to launch another one as a “thank you” initiative for our community. Participants get a chance to win 500 $VLX for completing a few simple steps. We have already received over 318,000 entries in the contest. Good luck to everyone with this one!

AMA Session with Sparkies team, one of the most interesting NFT projects on Velas Blockchain

We discussed challenges that they faced and how they dealt with them, came through the roots of the project, and shed some light on the Sparkies’ future plans.

👇 ​​Here is the recap of our AMA with Sparkies:

Also available at:

SoundCloud |Anchor | YouTube

We invite everyone to an exciting #AMA session with the Vulos team

⏰Set your alarm: Velas — Twitter Spaces, August 2, 2022 at 4 PM (CEST), we’re going to discuss a lot of exciting things. Stay in tune!

Velas Insider: Twitter — Velas Blockchain potential to grow in the future

Marketcap is a metric that you should keep an eye on when researching a blockchain token. Compared to others, we can see that Velas has a lot of growth opportunities ahead!

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