Velas Flashlight #21 — Blockchain Technology is Closer to the Moon Than ever

The 21th summary of everything that has happened with Velas over these past few weeks!

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6 min readJan 20, 2022

What is Velas FlashLight?

It’s all in the name — it’s the latest and greatest news about Velas, across the globe, broken down into quick, easily digestible bites, illuminating the hard work our team has done in the past few weeks.

Velas FlashLight is a bi-weekly roundup of Velas in the news and across social media. from videos and mentions from your favorite YouTubers and Twitter influencers to the waves Velas is making in traditional media and articles. All in one place.

​​Velas Network Blasts off Through Partnership with SpaceChain into the New-Age Space Race

SpaceChain sent the #blockchain into Orbit on Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It was the official launch in partnership with VELAS.

Velas Network AG announced its partnership with SpaceChain. The blockchain will be among space industry pioneers leveraging the new economy for heightened security and immutability. For Velas, this collaboration is a giant leap toward new markets and use cases. The company is proud to be one of the first blockchains operating in space above Earth, which will help contribute to enhanced security and increase quality standards for the whole blockchain industry.

Several Media Outlets Have Mentioned This News



Velas Announce a New Partnership with Eporio

With blazing-fast transactions and low transaction fees, the possibilities are endless for sports #NFTs. 👉 Read more on the eporio website.

Velas is Excited to Introduce a New Partnership with WeWay

WeWay is an entertainment ecosystem and #NFT marketplace for celebrities and their fans. 👉 Read here the full press release.

Velas partners with Xp.Network

Velas partners with @xpnetwork to create a new #NFT bridge on the amazing #VELAS chain. The state-of-the-art blockchain ecosystem Velas is pleased to announce another rewarding integration with a company that created an innovative cross-chain NFT bridge, XP.NETWORK. The two companies have joined forces to simplify NFT-related operations and make them more accessible for people all over the globe.

VeleroDAO’s USDV: Meet the First Dollar Stablecoin on Velas Blockchain

USDV is a decentralized stablecoin with a soft peg to the US dollar exchange rate in a 1:1 ratio, working on top of the Velas blockchain. The developer of USDV is VeleroDAO, a DeFi platform based on the MakerDAO protocol.

Velas small fees as key point for VeleroDAO team

Gas fees on Velas Blockchain are microscopic, regardless of the transfer amount. Sending a million dollars over a considerable distance can cost you cents. And when we talk about small daily expenses, the difference in fees between Velas and Ethereum is genuinely huge.

​​Purchase VLX through Simplex

Now you can buy $VLX seamlessly and securely from the #VelasWallet via Simplex using a 💳 debit or credit card.

➡️ Buy #Velas in 3 steps

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3. Click on the buy button, verify your identity, and complete your purchase!

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