Velas Enters the GameFi Industry together with Sierra Block Games

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2 min readMar 23, 2022

Soon more GameFi projects will appear in the Velas ecosystem due to our new partnership with Sierra Block Games

Recently, the Velas team has established a partnership with Sierra Block Games, a company dedicated to promoting blockchain technologies through GameFi projects. Together, we plan to promote the innovations offered by the crypto industry and contribute to its further development.

“GameFi is a prospective part of the crypto industry. Together with Sierra Block Games, we will significantly contribute to its development by providing GameFi developers with access to the powerful Velas blockchain” — Velas CEO, Farkhad Shagulyamov.

Due to the efficiency of the Velas blockchain, it’s a perfect option for the development of innovative GameFi projects. At the same time, Sierra Block Games will promote our platform among the developers of the existing games. Thus, there is a strong chance that more and more popular GameFi projects will start adding Velas to the lists of the supported blockchains.

Plus, Sierra Block Games offers the Velas community to get acquainted with the world of NFT video games. The company and its team of streamers will provide access to educational content about GameFi projects and their prospects.

About Velas

The Velas team has developed a robust blockchain, which offers impressive efficiency and innovative features. It can process up to 75,000 TPS while the transaction fee is only $0.00001.

The team has used some parts of the Solana code and the EVM to ensure the high efficiency of the blockchain. Plus, the platform allows the dApps developers to deploy their projects on the ETH blockchain while getting access to all the advantages of the DPoS consensus mechanism.

Finally, the Velas company constantly establishes partnerships with other companies and brands. At the same time, the Velas foundation runs a $100 million grant program, which aims to encourage dApps developers to use the Velas blockchain for the development of their projects.

About Sierra Block Games

Sierra Block Games is a modern company dedicated to the education and dissemination of blockchain technology through GameFi projects. Its aim is to educate and teach people about NFT video games by providing them with top-quality content. The experts from Sierra Block Games regularly review the latest NFT collections and GameFi projects on Twitch. Also, they provide advisory and consultancy services to the companies that want to tokenize their products.



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