Velas + DIA = Powerhouse of a Blockchain/Web3 Duo

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2 min readSep 8, 2022

Velas integrates with one of the top blockchain oracles in the market — DIA. Are we looking at a major combined contribution to streamlined Web3 adoption? Spoiler: we certainly are.

Velas integrates DIA oracle

A bit of introductory smart talk

Blockchain oracles bridge the gap between decentralized Web3 ecosystems and the assets that allow such ecosystems to operate and scale. In a nutshell, oracles grant access to a pool of relevant data sources, high-level computations, legacy solutions, and more. The ultimate goal being the creation of hybrid smart contracts, the main tools to power advanced decentralized applications, or dApps.

Without further tech talk, it is high time we acknowledged the fastest decentralized Web3 ecosystem joining forces with one of the most powerful blockchain oracles out there. Velas integrating with DIA (short for Decentralized Information Asset) may as well shape a major milestone in the completeness and mass adoption of Web3 mediums.

The blockchain platform we have created at Velas is already helping eager blockchain engineers and dApp developers create Web3 projects with the fastest transaction throughput and at the lowest fees in the market.

Now, the platform’s community of users gets access to a library of “price feeds for 2K+ digital assets, 18K+ NFT collections, and 20K+ traditional financial assets” along with tons of lending rates, FX rates, and more valuable data feeds. This opens a vast range of high-performance capacities for design and development of DeFi and NFTFi solutions.

With the Velas-DIA integration, Web3 developers get next level of data accuracy and resilience by simply plug’n’playing DIA’s price oracles to achieve top-quality, crowd-sourced data feeds to put in the foundation of market-defining dApps.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to offer new Web3-shaping opportunities as they make their way into more accessible forms with the help of solutions like Velas and DIA. Stay in tune to not miss out on the Web3 history in the making.



Velas Official

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