Velas Community to Enjoy Utorg’s On-Ramp Service

Thanks to UTORG, Velas is now empowered with a user-friendly on-ramp service that will enable the purchase of crypto for people in 187 countries saving users both time and money.

UTORG’s core product is a fiat-to-crypto payment widget that can be embedded into any Web3 product. Velas’ users will now be able to buy crypto using more than 10 of the most popular payment methods (bank card, instant bank transfers, Apple Pay, etc.) with a seamlessly built-in KYC flow taking less than 3 minutes. This will make it possible to complete a purchase without leaving the app or website.

“The Velas community deserves the best user experience when it comes to buying crypto using fiat. UTORG is more than happy to deliver that,” said Utorg’s CEO.

We hope that Velas’ users will enjoy all the benefits of the new service.


UTORG is an EU-based fintech company that offers a modern fiat to crypto exchange infrastructure to deliver a top-notch experience. The company holds a license for providing a virtual currency service, in particular exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.




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Velas Official

Velas Official

Build Your dApps and Projects with Fastest EVM Chain Powered by Velas 🧑‍💻 Visit:

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