Cook.Finance Builds on Velas Blockchain

Emerging cross-chain asset management platform Cook.Finance has announced it is building on the Velas Blockchain

Cook.Finance, a cross-chain asset management platform, has chosen the Velas Blockchain to build upon recognising the superior speeds and transaction processing powers on offer.

Having recently built upon the Solana codebase, the Velas Blockchain is becoming one of the fastest blockchains with the cheapest gas fees, and as a cross-chain asset management platform, this was crucial to the Cook team.

KP Peng, Strategy Lead of Cook, said: “As being the first AI-operated DPOS, we see Velas as a leader in blockchain technology focused on scalability and innovation, sharing the same values as COOK Protocol.

“In addition, this partnership paves the path for future partnership with Velas’ sister company, CoinPayments, the world’s largest crypto payment solution.”

Due to the sudden and inevitable rise of DeFi, when comparing traditional asset management platforms to what is currently available in the DeFi space, Cook see that there is a huge gap to bridge between these two. The key offerings of Cook Protocol platform include:

1) Cross-Chain Solutions: Cook Protocol allows users to benefit from other thriving DeFi ecosystems and make it easier for investors to keep track of funds in one environment by pairing with several blockchains like Velas.

2) Usability: As part of the core mission to bring finance to the masses, Cook Protocol has designed the platform in such a way that the UI is straightforward and simple for the common investors to help them navigate through the complex and highly technical landscape of decentralized finance.

3) High Capital Efficiency: By giving investors a wide variety of asset management services and providing fund managers with advanced trading tools and highly liquidized funds, Cook Protocol is offering endless possibilities of financial instruments (lending protocols, DEX, derivatives and insurance to name a few) to maximize capital efficiency and the returns on their capital.

Cook Protocol also recently announced a Strategic Partnership with DuckDAO to assist with strategy, marketing, growth, and more, helping the project reach its full potential.

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success, and is one of the largest crypto incubators in the world currently.

You can learn more about the Cook Protocol x DuckDAO announcement here:

The Velas team is very excited to welcome Cook.Finance to the Velas Blockchain and we look forward to a prosperous future together, built on the fastest blockchain in the world.

Click here to view the Cook.Finance website:

The Velas Blockchain is now protected by Path Network DDoS Mitigation, read our announcement HERE.

Velas is leveraging the Solana codebase to build one of the fastest blockchains in history, read our announcement HERE.

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