Users of the Velas Network Blockchain Now Have Access to BlocksScan Explorer

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3 min readOct 3, 2022

We are excited to announce our partnership with BlocksScan Explorer, a powerful block explorer that provides users with access to all blocks and transactions on the Velas Network. With this update, users can now search for any blocks or transactions on the Velas Network by going to This will allow people who are developing the network to easily find information about their transactions and other data that is stored on the blockchain.

And that’s not all! Users can also view all exchange transactions on the Velas Exchange, view exchange volume, exchange statistics, and exchange information. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming release.

More About BlocksScan Explorer

BlocksScan Explorer is a powerful block explorer that lets you search for transactions and blocks on the Velas Network Blockchain. In other words, it’s like a blockchain search engine for a blockchain that enables users to look for specific information on the blockchain.

With this tool, all the interactions are shared and one can use a transaction hash to analyze the related activity, such as smart contracts, tokens, wallet addresses, and the like. And the most exciting thing is that there’s no need to sign up for BlocksScan to check out this information (but you can surely do this if you are looking for additional functionality). Just imagine, that a few clicks are enough to activate alerts for all incoming transactions or build new data feeds, etc.

Overall, this partnership might speed up many online operations and make them more seamless. Moreover, you can use this explorer to discover new partners and start working with them.

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